Answered: Your Questions on the Importance of Blogging for Your Business

4 Reasons Blogging Should be a Part of Your Strategic Marketing Plan for Growth

You can’t overestimate the power or importance of blogging. As a business owner, you may not understand how blogging can impact your company and be a strategic part of your business strategy. So let’s take a look at four reasons blogging can be valuable for your business today:

Thought Leadership
You’re an expert in your industry. Why not share some of your knowledge with others? Blogging allows you to put out what you know in a respected format that allows your readers to educate themselves.

This establishes you as a thought leader, and that puts you in a good position for new business. This part of your strategic marketing plan is not about advertising your latest product or service — it’s about displaying you at your best.

Boost Traffic
Some of your blogging efforts will be noticed through your social media sites. Most people surfing their favorite social media channels only want the headline, but that headline to your blog can drive them to your website where they can read it in full.

The result, of course, is more traffic to your site, which can produce quality leads that become paying customers.

The same is true for when people search relevant topics that pertain to what you are writing content for. If your blog comes up and they click through to read, they are on your site. This can lead to potential customers finding out about who you are and what your brand is about.

Regularly Publish New Content
The information on the various pages of your website will often remain the same for several months if not longer. However, your blog can be a weekly refresh, injecting new content that will keep your site rating higher in search.

Several strategic marketing plan trends today are focused on new ways to find customers and nurture the ones you already have. Blogging is an excellent way to stay on top of trends relevant to your industry.

More Quality Leads
Marketers are constantly looking for new leads. When you create quality content in the form of a regular blog, you’re going to see a return in the form of leads.

You can gain attention by having potential leads sign up for your blog, which is an entry point for you to reach out to them in other ways, such as pushing case studies and white papers their way.

At SJC Marketing, we produce blogs on a regular basis for clients in a number of industries. Let’s talk about how blogs for your website can give your business the boost your strategic marketing plan needs.

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