What Amazon Can Teach Us About Customer Acquisition and Retention

customer acquisition

Strengthen Your Brand Engagement to Get and Keep Customers

Maybe you’ve committed to shop local this year, or you may have decided, at least, to try to buy a few things at brick-and-mortar stores when possible. How many times have you thought to yourself, “It’s just so much easier to order from Amazon”? The reality is that Amazon is extremely good at customer acquisition because they make it so convenient and personalize your shopping experience.

The convenience is a product of a lot of strategies related to personalization and brand engagement. You aren’t shopping there just because you don’t have to leave your couch, but also because you trust Amazon to have your package at your house in two days, because they recommend products like they know you and because Amazon has built in ways to make it easy to reorder.

What Amazon knows about customer acquisition can be applied in your business, too. Their ability to gain so much of the market isn’t just about shopping from your home, but about Amazon’s obsession with your preferences and shopping habits. You may never catch up to Amazon’s level of personalization, but you can certainly get to know your customers and build your brand engagement through some of the same strategies:

Differentiate marketing activities related to customer retention and customer acquisition. Your digital marketing efforts should be strikingly different for customer acquisition versus customer retention. It’s the difference between an email that says, “Try our convenient delivery service” versus “You’ve used our convenient delivery service three times this week so you may want to upgrade to our Gold Club.”

Retention marketing should be far more personalized than acquisition marketing because you have purchasing data on your customers. Obsess over it, analyze it and apply it to your marketing strategies.

Automate the process to save resources and improve brand engagement. You know there’s nobody sitting at a desk at Amazon, poring over the types of teapots they should show you after you purchase a bulk package of Twinings tea. You can take Amazon’s cue and automate personalization to increase brand engagement and build loyalty by setting up emails that trigger when a customer demonstrates certain behaviors.

You might send a link to a blog that has maintenance information after a customer purchases a particular product from your company, or if they’ve been browsing a service on your site, put them on a list to receive an email when a promotion is running on that service. You can also set up recommendations on your website to trigger suggestions on related products when a customer is exploring the site.

Personalizing the customer experience isn’t just a strategy that Amazon uses; it’s the key to reaching your target market in the foreseeable future. Talk to our team at SJC Marketing to learn more about applying these strategies for sales growth. From providing consultation on an existing marketing strategy to building a comprehensive plan from scratch, SJC can help you build your customer acquisition rates and build loyalty among your customer base. Call us today.