How to Add Personalization to Your Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing for the Personalized Audience

If you’re not including personalization in your marketing strategy, you may be losing opportunities to your competition. Personalizing your content marketing carries an array of benefits, including building loyalty to your brand, convincing your target market that you’re an expert in the things they want to know and improving your return on investment for your efforts.

How do you get started implementing personalization into your marketing strategy?

Think like your customer. Ask yourself, what problem or set of problems is my customer typically trying to solve with my product or service? Going straight to the pain points of your target audience helps you stop talking about the features of your product and think from the perspective of your customer.

Identify your audience. It’s hard to personalize an experience for an unseen customer. Look at your analytics, both from Google and social media and find out who your audience is, what they do and what they need. It’s valuable to work on defining a few buyer personas that you can use as a person you’re going to personalize your marketing efforts to reach.

Organize your content marketing around buyer personas. It is important to organize your content to be highly-valuable, problem-solving material that reaches a particular buyer persona. It should also be material that is timely, taking into account the stage they are in within your buying process. Think about the content you’re producing and determine if it’s right for someone who’s simply considering and browsing, or is this more appropriate for when it’s time to close the deal?

Don’t rush the implementation. Like any part of your marketing strategy, you need to take adequate time to test your personalization and see how your strategies are faring. Try personalizing your email content first for a specific segment of your target audience, and then expand as you test and refine your efforts.

Your marketing strategy will benefit from personalization, but maybe you would want to focus on the operation of your business and leave the marketing to someone else. Contact us, we are happy to handle your plan for personalization so that you can run your company.