Add Email Newsletters to Your Internet Marketing Strategies

Most Americans have an email address and many people have several for different parts of their lives, like school, work and personal. Many brands have jumped on the email newsletter bandwagon, however, many companies are struggling to keep people opening the emails they are sending. We’ve compiled this list of five things to remember when starting an email marketing campaign:

1. An email newsletter is most effective when you have several contacts to send it to that have opted into receiving it. You can earn a quality email address list by allowing people to sign up for your newsletter before they view your latest white paper. People could also sign up at a conference you are presenting at or if you are a vendor at an expo. Adding the option to sign up for your newsletter on each page of your website will also create a way for viewers interested in learning more about your brand to access your content.

Email Campaign 42. Before 2015 begins, we challenge you to clean up your email recipient list. Continuing to send messages to those who are not engaging with your brand on this medium will affect your open rates. Also exclude email addresses that look like spam.

3. Play around with different wording for your subject lines. The subject line is one of, if not, the most important part of your email. For some brands, consistency is what your customers want. For others, people will click through if what they read intrigues them. Test that out by using a system that will tell you how many people open your email or click through. Once you find what your users prefer, it will make your internet marketing strategies more efficient.

4. Make sure the content of your email is helpful and beneficial to your readers. Build brand loyalty by showing that you care about them and their needs, not just selling products or services.

5. Unless people can purchase your products or services online, daily or even weekly emails can seem like overkill. It depends on the industry and business size, but creating quality content for your readers that often would also be difficult. Monthly or quarterly newsletters can be a perfect addition to your internet marketing strategies.

If you are interested in implementing an email newsletter into your internet marketing strategies, but need some assistance from professionals, contact SJC. We are a full-service marketing firm that can create a unique plan to connect you to your target audience. We’d love to set up a meeting to talk about how we can benefit your brand.