A Press Kit Can be a Powerful Asset in Your Online Marketing Tools

Keep Your Media Kit Handy as Part of Your Online Marketing Tools

online marketing toolsWhether you are launching a new business or gearing up for an event requiring public relations efforts for a mature organization, a media kit or press kit should be available to share your business with potential investors, reporters, stakeholders or even potential clients. Think of this document as a resume for your organization, so remember to keep these online marketing tools up-to-date.

A digital copy of this kit is vital and a few printed copies that are well laid out, neat and organized can be beneficial as well. Keep the following things in mind when you are putting your press kit together with your online marketing tools. This is not a comprehensive list nor should you include every single suggestion below. Choose the most appropriate for your company or project.

  1. Provide information about the company. Include a brief history and profiles for management and owners. Describe your products and services and how they make your clients’ lives better.
  2. Include recent press releases and media mentions. Seeing what other publications have said about your brand could inspire other reporters to write interesting articles about recent news.
  3. If appropriate, financial information could be added. Graphs and charts with financial statements can be included if the media kit is being used primarily for investor relations or fiscal announcements.
  4. Contribute branding information. Keep a logo and any terms that you do or do not want people to use when talking about your brand handy for reporters and advertisers.

Press kits and online marketing tools are most effective when they are noticed by your audience, who probably receive several on a weekly basis. They aren’t necessarily looking for anything fancy, but professionally laid out, complete and neat information will catch his or her eye. Including an introductory letter at the beginning of the packet could make the pages seem more streamlined.

Putting a PDF document on your website for your audience to see is also a great way to cut down on costs for your press kit. Using them as online marketing tools can increase brand awareness in your viewers. Sending a link via email to a potential investor or reporter is much more user-friendly than a large attachment that could potentially slow down their email system.

If you are looking for a company that can create online marketing tools for your organization like a media kit or help you in your public relations efforts, SJC Marketing has been doing work like this for nearly 10 years. Our team of strategists and writers are able to make your brand shine. Invest in your image and online presence by contacting us.