6 Great Ways to Improve Your Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing

Utilize the Marketing Channel Made for Visual Content

The popularity of visual marketing is causing Instagram’s use to skyrocket. Presenting a marketing channel perfect for the creative mind, Instagram marketing can be an ideal way to showcase your brand’s personality and engage your audience in new formats. Take a look at six ways you can enhance your marketing efforts on Instagram:

Invite your audience to zoom: The zoom feature in Instagram allows for some fun in your visual content. Tuck a tiny message or have your company mascot peeking out from behind something, and invite your audience to zoom in to find it. This introduces a little fun into your advertising and most of your potential customers won’t be able to resist zooming.

Repurpose what works: If you’ve been promoting your brand for a while, you likely have had some success on another marketing channel that can be repurposed for Instagram. An image or short video that captured a lot of attention or garnered 50 comments is a great candidate for Instagram.

Take advantage of targeting: Don’t waste the fact that Instagram pulls data from Facebook’s wealth of information about your target audience. Use a lookalike audience to replicate your target audience and reach new potential customers, or you can try remarketing, which helps you tailor your message to behaviors. For instance, you can do specifically-created messages for members of your target audience who have visited your website, versus those that have not.

Incorporate authenticity into your ads: Instagram is a marketing channel for non-marketers. That is, your ads that look least like ads may fare best on this platform. Include real people in your posts, or focus on the ways your product improves life, rather than just on the product.

Use the call to action button: You have the ability to custom create a call to action button that will be featured on the bottom right of the screen. Instead of “buy now,” or a similarly standardized call to action, try something more interesting like, “I’m in!” or “Yes, please.”

Don’t forget video: It’s easy to think of Instagram strictly as a place to share photos, but don’t miss out on the opportunity to engage your audience with videos. They’ll be short, but you’ll stand out on the platform. Invite your audience to share videos showcasing how they use your product or service to combine the allure of video with the bonus of authenticity.

If you’d like to jump in on the fun of Instagram marketing but aren’t sure how to launch your campaign, take some time to meet with our SJC Marketing team. We’d love to walk you through some ideas, or, if you prefer to focus on your business, we can handle managing your Instagram campaign. Give us a call, and let’s talk.

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