5 Ways to Tell It’s Time for a New Website


Do you ever get stuck in the cycle of: I need to do my work, but I need to work on my marketing, but I need to focus on more clients, oh, but that means I need a better website, but that’s too much money — I’ll just put that off for now? You’re not alone. We hear this thought process from many potential clients. But then the bigger frustration can happen when you want people to find you online and if they do, you want them to see the quality of your company reflected in your website — right?

We thought it might be helpful to identify five ways you know it’s time to pull the plug and create a new website.

  1. It isn’t mobile responsive. It’s no longer an option to have a mobile responsive site if you want to index on search engines and if you want to be relevant to your audience. Numbers can vary by industry, but at least half of your audience is searching for answers on their smartphone device, and the number is likely higher than that.
  2. Even Google can’t find it. If Google can’t find your site, then you know your consumers have no hope. Google wants to see that your site is mobile responsive, you’re updating content regularly and if you’re doing it right, you’re utilizing a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.
  3. It doesn’t look like it belongs to you. Have you come across a site that when you land on the home page, you’re wondering if you’ve stepped into the wrong virtual living room? It’s a site full of canned, stock photography or content and it looks like a robot set up the site and left it to die a slow death and then be buried in a bad website graveyard? Sorry for the dramatics, but really — this is the one place you can control your message, represent your brand and create a first impression that can make people reach for the nearest pen to sign up for whatever you’re selling.
  4. It is sloooowww. According to Kissmetrics, you’ve got three seconds before 40 percent of your visitors will leave and find another solution to their problem. This is a pretty simple fix for a developer and will also help improve your SEO rankings, and maybe more importantly, the user experience.
  5. It’s just kind of ugly. No offense, but if your last site design was in 2010, it’s probably time for a facelift. Also, if you haven’t updated your design in the past seven years, it’s pretty unlikely that you’re doing anything mentioned above. Your website is a representation of your brand, and it really does matter to consumers. As superficial as it can seem, a fresh design can make your visitor feel a stronger trust in your brand and trust it’s relevancy.

We can go on about more ways to know it’s time for a new site, and we recently just updated our own site at SJC Marketing so we totally get it! But you also don’t have to drop tens of thousands of dollars for a well-designed and developed site. We have some affordable monthly packages you can choose with beautiful frameworks to pick from. Let us help take the stress out of your website project and help increase your search rankings, and ultimately, your customer base!

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