5 Reasons a Newsletter Should be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

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Creating a Newsletter to Engage Your Target Audience

When you create a marketing strategy, you will likely have a focus on specific social media platforms that your target audience frequents but you also need to connect with your potential buyers on a more personal level. Often overlooked in favor of other channels, a newsletter can show off your unique brand personality and connect with your target audience in a more personal way.

There are good reasons to include a newsletter in your marketing strategy. While it’s a great way to demonstrate your expertise in your industry, it also fulfills some other important parts of your goals as a marketer:

Showcase your personality: Your team is quirky and fun, and your best brainstorming happens around a platter of your favorite local subs. Make this company personality a part of your competitive edge when you show it off in your newsletter. If you’re more of an argyle socks and English breakfast tea kind of team, well, there’s an audience for that, too. Either way, this is an opportunity to flesh out your brand in a content format that’s a bit more personal.

Make sure it adds value: You have a good reason to create a newsletter, but does your audience have a good reason to read it? Make sure your newsletter adds value to the reader in the form of answering a question, discussing a trend or solving a problem.

Personalize it: Given the current analytics available, it is possible to create a highly personalized newsletter for your audience members. Instead of sending out a one-topic-fits-all newsletter that may be mildly relevant for each person, tailor a personalized email with your newsletter for subsets of your target audience, and then the newsletter will be more personalized for each reader.

Include trending and relevant topics: What’s new in your industry this week? Create a newsletter that discusses emerging trends, but in a focused way that will appeal to your audience. Every week, identify some new buzz-worthy topics so that you’re seen as the source of the newest events happening in your market.

Stick to quality, not tricks: Surely, there’s nobody left on the Internet that falls for click-bait headlines, right? If you write about the topic that your headline lists, and include valuable, straightforward information, your audience will reward you by reading your newsletters again and again. People are tired of being teased and then disappointed, so have a real conversation with them in your newsletter.

At SJC Marketing, we love talking with our current and potential clients through our newsletter. Check it out this week, and be sure to subscribe so you never miss an issue!

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