5 Facebook Marketing Tips to Give Your Social Reach a Boost

Facebook Marketing

Strengthen Your Social Media Marketing Strategy With These Important Steps

It doesn’t matter if you’re setting up a new Facebook page for your business or if you’re looking for some tips to boost your marketing strategy, there is always room for new Facebook marketing tips that can help you improve your social media reach.

A successful Facebook page has a comprehensive strategy behind it. This strategy is built around getting your brand noticed, your content “liked,” and your target audience totally engaged. Check out these five tips to help you strengthen your strategy:

1. Go Live
You want to position yourself as an industry leader. This means that rather than trying to sell something, like a product or service, you’re selling yourself.

Facebook Live gives you the opportunity to invite people to a live video of professionals at your company where they talk about hot topics in your industry. Maybe you want to address comments from your blog or give people an inside look at your business — think of ways to make your live events relevant and informative, and perhaps even fun.

2. Create a Business Page
If you create a personal profile for your business rather than an actual Facebook Business Page you’ll miss out on all the tools Facebook has built for businesses.

While you’ll want to use your business page to let people get to know the professionals you’ve got working for you, don’t create sub-pages that are basically employee personal pages with your business name attached to it. Facebook actually has rules against this in their terms of service.

3. Save Your Live Broadcasts
You have the option to let a live event stay on your page, so if you have a particularly good one that will still be of value months from the date of the actual event, let it live as a standard video on your page.

This is a Facebook marketing tip that can help you go viral, so remember — just because it’s a live broadcast doesn’t mean it can’t be a go-to video for your followers for months to come.

4. Make Use of Time
Other social media channels have live streaming functionality, but Facebook allows you to go deep with much longer videos.

If you have a conference that you want to share with the public, you can stream it for up to four hours.

According to Facebook, about one-fifth of videos being posted are live. The cool thing is that users are spending around three times longer watching video in its live form than pre-recorded, so take advantage of that.

5. Monitor Feedback
Comments come flying in during a live event. Should someone have a question, you need to be able to answer it.

Negativity can be a problem. Have your team prepared to respond to any situation. Always take the high road and strive to defuse any issue that pops up.

At SJC Marketing, we’ve enjoyed assisting a number of clients with Facebook Marketing tips as well as their entire marketing strategy. With years of experience in getting clients noticed, we’re ready to assist you in your social media outreach today, so give us a call.

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