4 Tips to Pinterest Content Marketing

The hype surrounding Pinterest tends to toggle between those obsessed with the fun ideas they find on the site and business-minded individuals identifying different ways to drive traffic and convert leads with the platform. The latter tend to favor Pinterest content marketing.

As I am a big fan of anything that helps drive traffic to a website to generate more customers and more revenue, I wanted to dig deeper into this newer social media tool to learn how it might work for my business and that of my customers. In the process, I’ve learned Pinterest does offer a number of SEO benefits and can help you drive traffic to your website. There really is something to this thing called Pinterest content marketing. Here, we share four ideas that can help you get started and then measure the impact.

Backlinking Opportunities:

If you spend a lot of time driving business online, you know the value in backlinking. It can be a time-intensive activity to drive your own campaign, but if you are actively involved in the massive social network that is Pinterest with valuable, “pinable” content, your information will be shared and the domain authority on Pinterest will serve you well. Remember, Pinterest content marketing only works if you provide something people will want to pin to their boards.

A Facebook Tie-In:

To login to Pinterest, you need to login to Facebook. This not only streamlines your login process (who isn’t constantly logged in to their Facebook account?), it also links your timeline to your Pinterest posts. As a result, your friends gain access to your pinning activity and will click through to see the pins – if they draw interest. Clickable pins will drive more traffic, ensuring you benefit from that viral effect and truly leveraging Pinterest content marketing.

Great Analytics:

Not all social media platforms offer great analytics for reporting purposes. Pinterest analytics provide information on which item within your content earned the referral click, allowing you to click through a see the item elsewhere on Pinterest. At that point, you can interact with the individual that shared/promoted your content. This is the true value in Pinterest content marketing.

Keyword Strategy:

It can be easy to get caught up in the latest social media craze and forget that you have a keyword strategy that should be driving your activity. Don’t forget to optimize on those keywords in your Pinterest content marketing. Be specific in your posts and keep your eyes on the core goal – driving more traffic, converting more leads and building a loyal customer base.

If you need help determining your keywords, building out your Pinterest content marketing strategy and even kicking off your writing activities, we can help. At Susan J. Campbell Copywriting Solutions, our main focus is using our talents in writing, marketing and social media, to help you drive business.

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