4 Tips to Increase Brand Awareness With Twitter Marketing

Twitter marketing

Changes You Can Make to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Reach

When it comes to Twitter marketing, there are a number of mistakes you can make that could cause your target audience to lose interest in your content, but follow these tips and you’ll attract more eyes to your brand and keep consumers engaged with your business.

Your Profile
Is your Twitter profile picture set to the default one that you had when you signed up? If the answer is “yes,” it’s time to make a change. Find something that will allow people to feel as if they have a connection to you.

Also, update your bio on your profile to make sure it is current. The important thing about this is that when people search for something on Twitter, there are a number of keywords that will guide them. Find out what keywords are hot in your industry and get them in your bio.

Pin It
We’re not talking about Pinterest here, we’re talking about the feature on Twitter that allows you to pin your best tweets. This feature allows your best/favorite tweets to reside up top where they will entice newcomers to follow you.

Don’t let that tweet stay pinned up there for too long though – keep it fresh.

Verification has its Merits
You want credibility. Believe it or not, that little blue checkmark by your name is what can gain you a good amount of credibility. You get this checkmark by verifying your account.

It doesn’t take long to get verified, just click here and get started.

Link It
You’ll want to update your Twitter profile link because this will make sure that all the traffic will wind up on your web page where visitors can take more actions.

If you’re really trying to push a particular aspect of your social media marketing, link to a specific page on your site that will speak to that goal. For example, if you want to boost your subscriptions, have the link go directly to your email subscription page.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to positively impact your Twitter marketing is to build useful and regular content that will add value. Be knowledgeable about what’s going on around your industry, and don’t just post stuff about your brand.

Need a hand with your Twitter strategy? SJC Marketing is here to assist. We’ve helped many clients boost their Twitter marketing strategies, and we can help you. Contact us today and let’s discuss your goals.

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