4 Tips for Changing up Your Instagram Marketing

Tell a story or encourage user-generated content in your Instagram marketing campaigns.

Update Your Digital Marketing Strategy With These Ideas

The fast-changing trends in digital marketing can seem overwhelming and it’s hard to know where to start if you want to make a change in your strategy. If your Instagram marketing is feeling a bit stuck and you need help integrating current trends and developing a new approach here are some tips:

Encourage user-generated content: One of the challenges of marketing is to come across as authentic to your audience. With user-generated content, you get around that problem altogether by inviting your audience to get a word in. Running a user-generated campaign helps your audience see your product being used in real life and helps potential customers imagine using it themselves.

To kick off a campaign like this, snap a photo of a real-life image of a member of your team, doing whatever it is you’re encouraging in your campaign. Invite your audience to join in when you post, and watch your engagement climb.

Introduce a contest: Taking user-generated content to the next level, invite your audience to compete for a prize. Maybe you have a new product coming out, or you can give away a weekend at a B&B to promote your café’s fresh-baked muffins, but if possible, make the contest and the prize something that’s at least loosely related to your brand.

Show how it’s done: Even if your product or service is relatively straightforward, don’t assume that your audience already knows all the ways it can be used. The great advantage of using Instagram marketing is that it’s visual, so you have a good opportunity to show off what makes your brand great. This would be a great post to keep in your highlights reel so that your followers can access it again and again.

Settle in for a story: Instagram is a great place for visual storytelling. Do you have an inspiring story about how your product helped solve a particularly challenging problem? Maybe there’s a story within your company, such as an employee that has overcome a tremendous personal challenge or a great new product that was originally considered a mistake. Tell your stories on Instagram.

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