4 Reasons White Paper Marketing Is Valuable in Branding Strategies

white paper marketing

Important Steps to Incorporate White Paper Marketing Into Your Branding Strategies

With all the ever-evolving worlds of social media and search engine optimization, it’s easy to develop a one-track mind when it comes to branding strategies. But there are many tried and true marketing tools that are still important to include and create balance in your branding strategy. Tools like email marketing, enewsletters and white paper marketing are sometimes forgotten, despite their value to the sustainability of branding strategies.

Many businesses today start with social media because of its popularity, then search for other tools because they need to dig deeper and create stronger connections with their target audience through longer-form, more tailored content marketing. White paper marketing is perfect for these purposes. Here are a few ways white paper marketing can be reincorporated into your branding strategies:

1. White Paper Marketing Is a Networking Opportunity

Have you ever thought of collaborating on white paper marketing? Partnering with fellow industry influencers to produce content can be a great marketing opportunity, as well as a chance to establish new relationships with influencers. Think of how many more consumers will download a white paper that has input from multiple thought leaders. And your new friendships may lead to other collaborative opportunities.

2. White Paper Marketing Can Increase Website Traffic Between Sales

White paper marketing is a great way to create additional motivation for consumers to visit your website. They may not be able to make a purchase every single time, so if they feel like that’s all your website offers they won’t visit as often. However, if you provide useful tips consumers can use to face their daily challenges, they’re more likely to visit your site with frequency. Meanwhile, the content they see on your site will raise awareness to other products or services to purchase next.

3. White Paper Marketing Is Valuable to SEO

Just as the content on your website needs to be chosen with SEO in mind, white paper marketing content is also an SEO opportunity. When you take the time to optimize white papers by including keyword-rich content, keywords in titles and the quality links, your white paper becomes a valuable piece of your strategy to improve search result placement.

4. White Paper Marketing Can Reinforce Your Brand Story

While white paper marketing is generally research focused, it is still important that the content reflect your brand story. Everything element in your branding strategies should be an extension of your brand story. As you select the customer challenges you’re going to address, consider how the solution aligns with the reason your brand was created. Even if it is subtle, consumers will begin to see a connection between your content marketing and your overall mission.

If white paper marketing isn’t in your team’s skillset, we have an experienced team that can fill the gap in your branding strategies. Give us a call today!