3 Unexpected Ways Social Media Trends Provide Direction to Your Marketing Plan

social media trends

Information About Your Target Audience Is Important to Your Marketing Plan

Do you regularly catch up on the latest social media trends? It may seem like a task only the super savvy social media people do, but it can actually be very insightful for business owners. Amidst the social media trends discussions about the newest social platforms and Google’s most recent search ranking updates you can find nuggets of golden target audience data. These up-to-date facts about your target audience can prove extremely valuable to your social media marketing plan.

Social media trends don’t always have to possess shock value or jolt your marketing plan into frenzy. Sometimes, they simply answer questions you’ve been pondering or confirm the next steps you want to take. In either case, social media trends are worth watching. Here are three ways they provide direction for your social media marketing plan:

Social Media Trends Guide Advertising Decisions

Digiday recently shared how a marketing team used social media data to determine which channels and what timing should be used in a TV advertising campaign. While many brands are looking for social media conversations around their respective industries, the team in this case listened to the conversation trends around its target audience’s personal interests. This yielded the up-to-date answers the team needed for a successful marketing plan. The value of social media data is that it is much timelier than most research studies.

Social Media Trends Provide Content Inspiration

Not only do social media conversations provide insight into advertising placement, but they also reveal hot topics of conversation that can be great content inspiration. Your audience is much more likely to read an article about their interests than your interests. Social media trends can help you gain insight into seasonally relevant concerns for the segments of your audience. This data can then be used to shape a social media marketing plan that successfully pairs your product or services with the consumer’s interests and needs. If you’re not in the habit of creating social media marketing plans, it’s helpful to know how others go about the process. You can read about our tactics in our newsletter.

Trends Lend Insight to Social Media Results

As social media and social media marketing have evolved, consumers’ reactions to content have also changed. In turn, this will change your social media engagement results. When you are following social media trends, you are more aware of consumers’ patterns of behavior and will understand why consumers might suddenly shift away from commenting on posts, yet increasingly share content. When you are not following social media trends, you may make multiple changes to your social media marketing plan, only to discover the answer much later at a greater expense.

At SJC Marketing we understand the value of watching social media trends and how they can provide insight into helping you develop your marketing plan.