3 Steps You Should Include in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

digital marketing strategy

Increase Website Traffic to Increase Conversions

Is your digital marketing shaped by a cohesive strategy? If not, you may be spending a lot of time, money and energy on emails and social media posts without a clear idea of how they are contributing (or not) to your company’s growth. Beginning a digital marketing strategy starts with a few steps, which aren’t simple, but they’re reliable:

Create quality content: Producing great content doesn’t just increase your website traffic; it increases your website traffic to lead to conversions. What this requires is the building of a library of content materials that add value to your audience, provide a unique perspective on an issue and help you build a reputation as an expert or leader in your industry.

When it comes to content, you should always invest in quality over quantity, but you should also design a posting calendar for content and stick to it. Engage your team to brainstorm topics, then as you build up your materials, find what works and repurpose it with different formats and post it on different platforms.

Invest in search engine optimization (SEO) best practices: This takes some investment, but without SEO practices dominating your content and your website, you’ll risk not being found in an organic search. Here are the major areas you’ll need to optimize:

  • Keywords: Do your research to discover the kinds of keywords people use when looking for the services or products you offer. Don’t assume you know what those keywords are, because companies are rarely right about this, but use Google analytics to identify your ideal keywords that should be included in your content and your website design.
  • Webpage optimization: Your website also needs to be optimized, not only with keywords, but also including image anchors, meta tags and title tags. These items will help your webpage index well on a search engine, easily discoverable by humans and bots alike.
  • Link building: Including both external and internal links can help your page index at a higher ranking on Google and other search engines. While there’s no limit on how many links you can include in your content, be sure to use relevancy as your guide.

Engage in social media: Even if social media is not of much personal interest to you, it’s definitely in the interest of your business to be active on at least one platform. You’ll have the best results for your digital marketing strategy if you identify two or three platforms that are frequented by members of your target audience. Use content posts to encourage visits and increase website traffic, but you can also use social media to introduce compelling conversations. Jump in on the discussion and resist the urge to sell. You’re there to build relationships, and the selling will practically take care of itself.

If you need help crafting an SEO strategy or identifying weak areas in an existing digital marketing plan, make an appointment to meet with the team at SJC Marketing. We’d love to grab a cup of coffee with you and talk about your business!

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