3 Steps to Clean up Your Email Marketing List

email marketing list

Sending a Re-engagement Email Helps You Define Who’s Reading and Who’s Not

Your email campaigns may be a central part of your business strategy, but it doesn’t take very long for an email marketing list to get a few stale subscribers, which will negatively affect your return on investment. Maybe it’s time to send a re-engagement email to help define which of your contacts are interested in your communications.

A re-engagement email is the equivalent of a “hey, are we still friends?” for your marketing strategy. It keeps your list from getting stale and your emails from landing in your contacts’ spam folder.

Here are three steps to sending a re-engagement email and cleaning up your email marketing list:

Step One: Find out who’s inactive. Defining “inactive” for your email contact list is an important first step. A lot of this determination depends on how often you send emails.

If you only send out a newsletter every month or so, it may be harder to decide which of your contacts you want to include in your inactive list. If you send one weekly or daily, it will be easier to determine where there’s activity and where a lead has gone cold.

Step Two: Send out a re-engagement email. This can be done in a variety of ways, but essentially, you are checking in with your contacts and trying to get them to renew their relationship with you. You can try one of a few approaches:

  • Show them what they’ve been missing by listing a few links to blogs or featuring a selection of your newly-released products.
  • Offer an incentive, like access to a particularly helpful infographic or even a discount coupon.
  • Simply let them know you’ve noticed they haven’t clicked on your emails lately, and you’re wondering if they still want to stay in contact.

Step Three: Purge your list. You’ll know quickly whether your re-engagement email was effective in pulling some of your contacts back into the fold. You can even try sending a couple, to be sure that your inactive contacts aren’t simply busy or missing the opportunity to engage.

Once you’ve determined who’s inactive, it should be easy to purge your list and have confidence that your emails are reaching an audience that wants to talk with you.

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