3 Simple Steps to Creating a Facebook Video That Stands Out

Video Marketing Requires a Clean, Simple Message

It’s no secret that the popularity of Facebook videos has exploded over the last year. Audiences like the ease with which they can access concepts through a combination of visual, audio and text all in a short video. For marketers, video can be intimidating. From a fear of seeing yourself on-camera to hesitation about how to write a video script, video marketing can seem challenging. Here are three simple steps you need to create a Facebook video, no matter how big or small your company:

Get to your punch line right away. There’s a lot of material competing on Facebook for the attention of your target audience members. That’s why you should grab their attention right away by telling them what you’re getting at with your video. Do you have a new product or a promotion that’s starting tomorrow? Say so, right at the beginning of your video.

Tell one simple, complete story. Have you ever listened to a six-year-old tell a story, where there are a lot of instances of “and then…” packed within a never-ending sentence that seems to be part reality and part dream world? That’s a pretty good image of what goes wrong with a video that’s too long and too involved for Facebook.

After you share your punch line right away, tell your story: We have a new product, this is the problem it will solve for you, and this is how you get it. Use short, concise sentences and don’t use too many of them.

Communicate one call to action. At the end of your video, don’t invite them to subscribe to your email, like you on Facebook, visit your website and contact you with questions. That kind of list just turns into a buzz of noise for the audience. Instead, decide what your goal is for the Facebook video and then ask them to engage in the behavior that promotes that goal. If you’d like them to watch a demonstration of the new product on your website, invite them to do that, and only that.

All you need to get started with a Facebook video is an up-to-date smartphone and a tripod to prevent too much wobbling, plus a script that follows these three steps.

Want some help creating your video marketing strategy? Contact us at SJC Marketing. From creating a Facebook video to developing a comprehensive strategy to helping you achieve your growth goals, we take the fear out of video marketing.