3 Guidelines for Making Micro-Moments a Key Focus of Your Marketing Strategy

Reach Your Target Market at Exactly the Right Moment

Micro-moments are happening all around you. Every time you’re in a coffee shop or library and you notice that everyone is intently focused on the phone in their hand, that’s a micro-moment. Dozens, and sometimes even hundreds, of times each day, people reach for their smartphones to answer a question or finish a task, and those micro-moments should be a major focus of your marketing strategy.

Your marketing strategy is always about reaching your target market with the right message at the right time, but it just became an even more precise time with the micro-moment. It may be mere seconds of opportunity, but a micro-moment holds a lot of potential for business growth. Here are three things you should focus on for micro-moment marketing:

It’s important to know what your target market is searching. There are four basic types of questions that smartphone users log on to answer. They’re searching for information (who is that guy I saw at the supermarket that looked so familiar), where to go (quick directions to their destination), how to do something (helping their daughter make a friendship bracelet) or how to buy something.

Your job is to know which type of question and which specific questions your target market is asking when they come looking for your product or service. If you provide carpet cleaning services, you want to be the result consumers in your community find when they type into their search bar, “carpet cleaning near me.”

Get set for a cross-channel approach. In some situations, a consumer might make an immediate decision based on that micro-moment search, but in many cases, they’ll switch gears to finish a purchase. For instance, an individual might research products on their smartphone before traveling to a physical store to finish the purchase, or they may look at vacation rentals on their phone, only to feel more comfortable sealing the deal on a laptop, where they can view bigger pictures and use full-size keys to enter credit card info.

It’s also common for an individual to hear about a product or service on social media, and then switch to researching the company further on their website, perhaps accessing a blog or signing up for a newsletter. Be prepared to meet your target market in a variety of places.

Make your content appropriate for a micro-moment. Imagine you’re standing in the grocery store line, and you’re looking up a product that you might purchase. Let’s say it’s a smart watch. You’re not going to read a lengthy blog while you’re standing there with your bread and eggs. You want snappy, quick information that tells you about the watch.

Make your content snackable, with an invitation to learn more in-depth information. Videos that are just as effective when they’re silent are a great way to do this, but you want to keep them short, and you need it to have a story. Don’t just do a short advertising blast; give your target market a short brand experience.

Creating a marketing strategy that prioritizes micro-moments is what the SJC Marketing team does for fun! Contact us to set up an appointment, and we’ll kick back with some strong coffee, lots of chocolate and get a micro-moment strategy moving for your brand.