2018 is Not Far Away — What Marketing Trends Will Stand Out in the New Year?

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Make a Strategy For Your Digital Marketing

Even if we’re not ringing in the New Year for another three months, it’s fun to look ahead to what marketing trends are going to be at the forefront for 2018. Plus your company may be planning your marketing budget for the new year now, so it’s important to take a look at the forecast for marketing in 2018 as you work on your strategy.

Live Streaming Continues to Enthrall
It’s not a secret that video is dominating social media, which is why you need to make it part of your digital marketing now and in 2018. Live video is showing to be a popular tool for longer videos.

Live streamers are putting up content that’s around three times longer than the videos they prerecord. Is this a good thing? Maybe. Just make sure your video is compelling.

Explain it to Me
If you want results, explainer videos are hot right now. The reason they’re so successful in driving better results is that they are short, simple and extremely useful.

According to wirebuzz.com, websites that feature these videos notice that they are watched at a rate of four times more than what people will click on for a text explanation.

Lets go Viral
Every digital marketing strategy has a goal of going viral and it continues to be one of the top marketing trends.
There are some key elements in nearly every viral video, including the following: they’re relatable, authentic, funny and witty. Aim for any of these and your chances of going viral vastly improve.

Bring on the Blog
Many companies have had a blog going strong on their website for a while. However, what may change in 2018 is the way you approach your blog.

You will see more businesses feature guest bloggers to pull in more interest and to shake things up. They’ll also include company updates in their blogs to give the brand a more human front. And they’re focusing on topics that fully engage the customer integrating in customer testimonials.

Location, Location, Location
The use of mobile devices continues to rise rapidly which provides an opportunity for marketers to use geofencing to send notifications.

This technology is used to gather information about your target audience, which can help you to build more customer-centric and specific content that will attract them to your products and services.

Get a head start on 2018 by partnering with SJC Marketing to build your digital marketing campaigns. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of trends yet to come.