Marketing Services: This is Getting Personal

What Trends for Marketing Services Are You Tapping Into?

marketing servicesToday marketing services are part of a true discipline; refined, tested and carried out by experienced professionals. If you have an in-house marketing team, it’s likely you’re keeping them on top of trends, data and new tools. If you don’t, you may be searching for someone to carry out these tasks for you—and today your options are endless.

One thing is certain: without top-notch content marketing and a solid strategy, your brand value will lose ground. Put these tools in place, and you’ll be firmly establishing your position among an increasingly discerning, savvy audience.

What are some must-haves as part of your marketing services?

1. If you’ve got something to offer in the B2B industry, write about it. Now more than ever, valuable, engaging content like weekly blogs are pushing some competitors to the top and others off the list all together. Don’t forget about whitepapers, news releases and other writing-focused tools that carry the value of your brand across multiple online channels.

2. Do you know where your data is right now? Find it. Use it. Today there are more analytics options than ever – some free; others more complex and subscription-based. In fact, trends say marketers will increase their analytics budgets by about 60 percent in the coming months to try to stay ahead of their audience. Strong data also means all your writing, content and strategy pieces are on-target and more effective. (Meanwhile, consumers are getting better at sifting through “junk” to find the valuable content they really want – and data can help you land in that sweet spot).

3. This is personal. Your marketing services, whether in-house or outsourced, must be able to provide relevant, personal content to audiences. Automated tools are available, but they have to be fed by well-written content to run their engines. You’ll see even more rapid growth of relationship or nurture-based marketing in the coming months, and it’s all based on gradually feeding consumers precise, personal messages that relate to their needs. The result is greater lead generation.

4. Getting emotional? That’s fine … you should be. Even in the sea of online content available to audiences, your marketing services must still wake up people’s emotions and inspire them to action. This is done with strong video and using story arcs throughout your content. It’s also done by taking audiences behind the scenes to the actual experience of how your product or service is created, across your team.

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